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Soundsphere 110B New




Soundsphere Speaker Price reduced!!!


SOUNDSPHERE Q8 100W 8 Ohm Loudspeaker Speaker


SOUNDSPHERE TX -250 WHT 8 Ohm Loudspeaker Speaker


Lot of (2) SOUNDSPHERE Model# 168 consecutive serial numbers.


SOUNDSPHERE Q-CS 316 8 Ohm Ceiling Loudspeaker




Soundsphere 110B Compact Loudspeaker Indoor or Outdoor with TX30 Transformer


Vintage Soundsphere 110B Sputnic Looking Speaker


Soundsphere BCL Beam Clamp for Q-12A/Q-12AWR/Q-SB2/Q-15


Soundsphere MBL Mounting Bracket for Q-12A


NEC NP510W 3 LCD Projector 1080i HD, SOUNDSPHERE Speaker, Conference Room Bundle


Soundsphere ATB Adjustable Tilt Bracket For Q-12A/Q-12AWR/Q-15


Soundsphere BK4 Array Bar for 4 speakers


Soundsphere 110 Page-BK 6.5-in Full-Range for Paging Speaker/300Hz-5kHz/Black


Soundsphere TX100 100 Watt Transformer For Q-8


Soundsphere Q-12A-BK 12-in True Coax Speaker/60Hz-16kHz/Black


Soundsphere 110B-WH Dual Cone 6.5-in COMPACT LOUDSPEAKER/150Hz-12kHz/White


Soundsphere 110B-BK Dual Cone 6.5-in COMPACT LOUDSPEAKER/150Hz-12kHz/Black


Soundsphere QCX Electronic Crossover For Q-SB2/Q-LB


Soundsphere Q-8-WH 8-in COAX WEATHERPROOF Speaker/55Hz-17kHz/White


Soundsphere 110B White Dual Cone 6.5-in COMPACT LOUDSPEAKER/150Hz-12kHz


Soundsphere Q-12A-WH 12-in True Coax Speaker/60Hz-16kHz/White


Soundsphere BK2 Array Bar for 2 speakers


Soundsphere Power2 AMP 30W onboard amplifier with power supply for 110B/Q-6


Soundsphere MBM Mounting Bracket for Q-8


Soundsphere Q-12AWR-BK 12-in True Coax weatherproof Speaker/60Hz-16kHz/Black


Soundsphere SWFL Large Driver Protection Screen w Weather Resist For Q-12A


Soundsphere Q-8-BK 8-in COAX WEATHERPROOF Speaker/55Hz-17kHz/Black


Soundsphere BK5 Array Bar for 5 speakers


Soundsphere SWFM Medium Driver Protection Screen w Weather Resist For Q-8


Soundsphere SL Driver Protection Screen - Large For Q-12A


Soundsphere QSB2 800 Watts RMS Subwoofer


Soundsphere BK3 Array Bar for 3 speakers


rare vintage Sound sphere 110a by sonic systems original 35w tx30 crossover


Adjustable Tilt Bracket SOUNDSPHERE SS-ATB


Speaker,White,35 Max. Wattage SOUNDSPHERE SS-110B-WH